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Healing the Hurt

Opposing women and child abuse has been one of the mainstays of the activities of the Eldorado Park Women's Forum. The organization has been rendering imperative services in providing shelter, advice, empowerment and counseling to abused women with their children.

The Forum has a standing arrangement with a local primary school to accommodate the shelter's children on a temporary basis to ensure continuity in their education, no matter what time of the year we receive them. Our perpetrator program involves one on one counseling and group therapy because we believe in building families rather than splitting them.

Under the Healing the Hurt project we also run two Victim Empowerment Centers. These centres are situated within Eldorado Park. At these centre's the Eldorado Park Women's Forum provides a victim-centric approach to crime prevention, where empathetic, person centered assistance is rendered to individuals following incidents of victimization such as rape and other sexual assault, domestic violence, armed robbery, high jacking, child abuse, murder etc. We assist those who were direct victims or witnesses to such events.

We also in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) render assistance to Victims of Trafficking in the form of individual or group counseling and Sheltering. Our Victim Empowerment Program ensures that victims of trauma are treated with respect and dignity.

Individual, group and family counseling, debriefing and crisis interventions for survivors of crime are services that we provide at our centre's in order to attain sustainable reconciliation and healing.

The staff compliment of this project include Social Workers, Registered Counselors, Auxiliary Social Workers, Shelter Co-ordinator, Shelter House Mothers as well a Driver. At present we also have psychologists rendering imperative interventions from the University of Johannesburg.

Objectives of Healing the Hurt

  • To provide people who have individually or collectively suffered harm, be it physical, mental, emotional suffering or economic loss with assistance and support to deal with the trauma and the effects crime upon themselves and significant others, in such a way that they are able to return to a level of healthy social and psychological functioning.
  • Establish community support groups in the different areas, which will ensure immediate access to help for individuals at risk/ trauma victims and to also provide on-going support for individuals in need.
  • To advocate and lobby on behalf of beneficiaries in order to ensure that their rights are upheld and their needs met as well as conduct community awareness campaigns.v

The Eldorado Park Women's Forum also collaborates with other government agencies such as the Department of Health and Social Development, Community Safety, Justice and Correctional Services respectively. The shelter can accommodate fifteen women with their children.

This project is funded by the Gauteng Department of Health and Social Development as well as the NLDTF (National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund) and assisted in kind by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

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