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Little Rascals Pre-school and Crèche

The purpose of this programme is to improve young children's capacity to develop and learn. A child who is ready for school has a combination of positive characteristics. He or she will be socially and emotionally healthy, confident and friendly with good peer relationships. He or she should be able to tackle challenging tasks and persist with them and have good language skills, be able to communicate well as well as listen to instructions and be attentive.

The programme seeks to change the development trajectory of children by the time they enter school as children who are ready for school have less chances of repeating a grade, being placed in special education or even being a school drop-out. However the cost of providing quality early learning education is very expensive and is beyond the average resident in our areas of operation and we seek to cater for the underprivileged, these would be mothers or primary care givers who survive on social grants as well as catering for the children of the Shelter who get free education.

The current number of pupils is sixty who are taught by three teachers. The Montessori system is used to educate the learners. We have found this to the best practical preparation system for early development and school readiness. This project is situated at Extension 6 Eldorado Park and will be extended to the informal settlement of Slovo Park as well as Sweetwaters as there is a great need for a crèche and pre-school in those areas. We also seek to assist and support the parents / guardians of the children.

Objectives of the Little Rascals Pre-School and Crèche

  • To create a safe environment for children in the community and to provide early learning education to under privileged children by means of catering for their physical, cognitive and emotional growth and change
  • To protect and ensure the rights of children through child protection programmes and awareness campaigns.

The staff compliment of this project includes the three teachers a principle as well as a cook. The building has a kitchen, three class rooms, a sick bay as well as adequate toilets.

The Little Rascals Pre-school and Crèche project is currently funded by the Gauteng Department of Health and Social Development.

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