Image01 Seeds of Promise Team
Image01 Seeds of Promise Team
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Seeds of Promise

The abovementioned project currently consists of 11 caregivers, a project co-ordinator, administrator and part time nurse/social worker. The caregivers are people from the community that wish to serve and assist people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The project was established to address the current HIV/AIDS pandemic that is ravaging the community. Home Based Care is provided to people that have full-blown AIDS, cancer and stroke patients. Pre and post test counseling and treatment literacy is also provided.

Our aim is to care, educate and support our clients and community in general. Decreasing infection rates in our community is the desired goal. Currently two HIV/AIDS support groups are run under this project. These groups are based in the informal settlement of Slovo Park as well as in Eldorado Park. An OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) programme is also run under this project where food security and psycho-social assistance is provided for the children identified by our care givers as those in most need. This project is based in Eldorado Park, Ext. 2 and Slovo Park.

Objectives of Seeds of Promise

  • To combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic by assisting those infected and affected through home based care and support for those who are terminally ill and by educating our communities on HIV/AIDS as well as promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Establish community support groups in the different areas, which will ensure immediate access, to help for individuals at risk and to also provide on-going support for individuals Affected and Infected by HIV/AIDS and other terminal diseases.
  • To provide support for orphans and vulnerable children through the provision of daily balanced meals, school uniforms and psychosocial support.

The Seeds of Promise project is currently funded by the Gauteng Department of Health and Social Development.

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