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Sweetwater's Agricultural Project

The Sweetwater's Agri Project was started for the purpose of Income Generation and Job Creation. The project is run on a 22acre plot, directly opposite to the informal settlement of Sweetwaters and Thula Mtwana. The project is one of six projects run by the Eldorado Park Women's Forum, but is essential in that it is the project that will sustain the organization and its services and help provide food security for the beneficiaries of our projects, such as our feeding scheme for orphans and vulnerable children. The agricultural project will also assist us in providing food parcels to the clients of our home-based care programme and their families.

The project is also envisaged to provide permanent employment for the community members of Sweetwater's and Finetown, specifically a group of women who live in these respective areas. These women will be employed to work on two identified areas. These would be the rearing and sale of poultry (six week old broilers) and the production and sale of fresh produce using the 30m x10m hydroponics tunnels as well as conventional farming.

We have opted to grow our vegetables using the tunnel system as this ensures a higher yield due to the fact that the fresh produce is grown under controlled conditions and the produce is protected from the elements. The amount produced is enough to make the business viable as well as using 6 hectares of land for conventional farming. The staff complement of the Sweetwater's Agri project include a farm manager and 10 labourers.

The Sweetwater's Agri project has received assistance from the NLDTF (2008). The department of Agriculture assisted with the procurement of three hydroponics tunnels as well as a borehole. (2007)

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